The Comedy Store Holiday Gift Guide 2012

You know about our illustrious alums like Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison, David letterman and Jim Carrey, and our current crop of working Paid Regulars are well on their way to joining them.  Here’s a few ideas for the laughter-loving folks (both Naughty and Nice) on your list this holiday season.

Stand-up Specials & Albums

Sebastian Maniscalco - What’s Wrong With People

Jeff Ross Roasts America

Ari Shaffir - Revenge For The Holocaust

TV Boxed Sets & Digital Downloads

Whitney, Season One

Sullivan & Son

The League

The Burn with Jeff Ross

Other Cool Stuff

Workaholics tees

Brody Stevens merch

WTF merch

We also have Comedy Store gift cards available at the ticket booth!

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Please Welcome our Newest Paid Regular, Dean Delray!

Deal Delray

Proving it’s true that all comics want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be comics, Dean Delray brings his talents to comedy after a successful career in music.  A true character, he’s got the tattoos, motorcycle and raspy voice to go along with it.

Jumping in with both feet, Dean quickly put his nose to the comedy grindstone and soon was featuring on the road for some of our favorite Paid Regulars like Chris D’Elia and Ian Edwards.  Now ready to take the stage in his own right, Dean joins our stable of Paid Regulars off a great holiday weekend at our La Jolla Comedy Store with Sullivan and Sons's Brian Scolaro and another of our rising talents, Brenton Biddlecomb.  Besides doing time on the road, Dean's been honing his chops in all three of our rooms for the past few years and tonight you can see him open our Original Room show at 9!

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Please Welcome our Newest Paid Regular, Willie Hunter!

Willie Hunter

Willie Hunter is this generation’s David Letterman.  With an affable charm and quick, biting wit, he is the consummate comedian/host.  For the past few years, Willie has been putting those talents to use on all three of our stages, including regular hosting of our Sunday and Monday Potluck nights.  Willie is also the creator and host of The Willie Hunter Show, a talk show-variety show hybrid featuring serious interviews, funny characters and fun videos.  Oh, and he does a mean Obama impression.

You can see Willie opening our original Room this Thursday at 9 pm and hosting The Willie Hunter Show with guest Bill Burr on Dec 3rd at 11.

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This guy’s on the show tonight (mullet not included)

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Why do I need to show ID to perform on the Open Mic?

If you’ve been coming to our Potluck open mic for a while or if you’re used to doing open mics in all ages coffee shops, you may be surprised that we’re now asking you to show ID when you sign up.

We’re asking for ID so that we know who you are.  This helps us keep aspiring underage comedians from hanging out where they shouldn’t be, it helps our talent and operations staff learn your name better than when you chicken scratch scrawl it upside down on the list and - in the worst case scenario - it helps us in the unlikely event that “that guy, you know, the one everyone calls ‘Beanpole’” causes the kind of trouble where we need to call on the long arm of the law.

You’re used to doing it at all the bar shows and bar mics, and guess what?  We’re a bar, too.  So, help us get to know you a little better as we welcome you into our dysfunctional little comedy family.

A few As for the Qs you might have:

  • You only need to fill out the paperwork the first time, after that you’re “on file”
  • You can use a stage name when performing
  • If you usually go by a stage name or nickname, we won’t tell everyone else your legal name (unless it’s really hilarious)

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Big Bird (@owenLOL) and a buddy (@byronbowers) go on a bender #MaybeNSFW

Politics make you wanna cry? Then laugh your ass off with Pauly-tics, Pauly Shore’s new politically-themed special.

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Louis CK!!


The World Famous Comedy Store is overwhelmingly happy to announce that Louis CK will be back in our Main Room tonight, working out material for his upcoming tour.

And this time around we have TWO shows - 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm - so we’re happy that twice as many fans will get to experience Louis in our beautiful showroom.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available in person at our box office at 8433 Sunset Bl from 10 am until we sell out.

How much?

$20, cash only

Does it cost extra for good seats?

All seats are $20, we seat on a first come, first serve basis.  Doors open for the early show at 7:45 pm.

Can I get some for my friends?

Sure, but we limit 4 tickets per person.

Can I call ahead to reserve my tickets?

No, in person, cash in hand.

Please?  I’m stuck in traffic but I’ll be there really soon.

Nope, in person, cash in hand only.

Why are you guys making this so hard on me?

We did it this way because we were blessed to have Louis join us as a last minute work out set and as you know from his recent tour & special sales models, he hates using middle men who charge things like “convenience fees.”  And we figured a little inconvenience is worth the opportunity to see one of the absolute best comedians working today live.

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Please Welcome our Newest Paid Regular, Jesus Trejo!

Jesus TrejoJesus Trejo is hilarious.  That rare blend of “comedian’s comedian” and audience favorite who can get everyone in the room on board with his contagious enthusiasm for the joke he’s telling you right now.  From observations about his family life to zany characters and voices, Jesus’ material has something for everyone.

Jesus is a Los Angeles native who has been working at The Comedy Store for the past couple of years, honing his comedy chops on stage and off.  You can see him in a recurring role on TBS’s Sullivan and Son and, of course, now on our Original Room stage on a regular basis.  Come by tonight to catch his debut at 9 pm.

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If you’re coming to see Louis tonight, just a friendly reminder that we do not allow photography, filming or recording of any kind in any of our showrooms.

If you love Louis, then you’re a comedy fan and understand the sanctity of the workout set.  Even though it’s mind-blowingly amazing that you get to see a genius at work and even though Louis’s not-yet-fully baked jokes are still goddam amazing, they are still works in progress.  Think of them like vulnerable teenagers and we all agree it’s gross to post pictures or video of vulnerable teenagers online.

And if you’re still tempted, our door staff will have to remind you in a less than friendly manner, by asking you to leave the show.  So, sit back, and ENJOY the experience without some gizmo in between you and the magic.

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If you like comedy and you like arts & crafts, you can have hommade versions of your favorite comedians like Dov Davidoff, Jerrod Carmichael, Bill Burr, Marc Maron and Ari Shaffir

Names Night 2012

Wednesday, July 25th 2012 is a special day for The Comedy Store family.  In honor of Mitzi Shore’s birthday, we’re honoring the 2012 class of new Paid Regulars.

Painted Names 2012

While the true benefit of becoming a Paid Regular comes from the stage time our comedians get on our amazing stage, there are some other nice little perks too.  One of them is the eternal recognition of having your name painted on the wall of the building.  Our sign painter came by yesterday to get the wall prepped for Wednesday’s celebration.

Painted Names 2012

We are celebrating this year’s class on Wednesday at 10 pm in the Main Room.  This is a private event, open to new and past Paid Regulars, Employees and Friends & Family.  Many of the new Paid Regulars will be featured on Wednesday’s Original Rooms show (and of course, throughout the week, every week).

Painted Names 2012

The new Comedy Store Paid Regulars for 2012 are:

Jade Catta-Preta

Tony Hinchcliffe

Brent Morin

Andrew Santino

Vinny Curto

Sandy Danto

April Macie

Esther Povitsky

Bob Wheeler

Perry Kurtz

Melinda Hill

Brady Matthews

Barry Rothbart

Angelo Bowers

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In honor of Erik Griffin’s monster crushfest on lastnight’s Naughty Show, here’s a little morsel of him from A Guy Walks Into a Bar

RIP Tom Davis

We’ll miss The Continental the most:

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Roseanne issues a challenge to Roast Master Jane Lynch in this exclusive interview with Access Hollywood.
The #RoseanneRoast airs August 12 at 10/9c on Comedy Central, and it’s shaping up to be quite the epic showdown. 


Roseanne issues a challenge to Roast Master Jane Lynch in this exclusive interview with Access Hollywood.

The #RoseanneRoast airs August 12 at 10/9c on Comedy Central, and it’s shaping up to be quite the epic showdown. 

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